With a little more than one minute remaining, the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose were on the way to a Game 1 playoff victory, but when Rose landed awkwardly on his left knee everything changed.

Derrick RoseIt wasn’t odd to see Derrick Rose go down, considering he missed 27 games that season with a number of injuries, Bulls fans just hoped it wasn’t anything serious.

On May 12th, 2012, Rose underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL. Sources had Rose returning anywhere from eight-to-10 months.

Now, by no means – what so ever – am I a doctor. Nor do I have any idea what it’s like to recover from an ACL injury. But, isn’t it fair to say that what Adrian Peterson accomplished has set the bar too high? Is it possible that Adrian Peterson’s miraculous recovery has left us confused about what is going on with Derrick Rose?

After nine months not only was Adrian Peterson back, he was playing at an MVP level. Compare that to Derrick Rose who after nine months took part in practice and 5-on-5 drills for the first time and continues to talk about missing the entire season.

Bulls’ coach Tom Thibodeau was on an ESPN.com Chicago radio show and said that, while it’s possible Rose will miss the entire season because he doesn’t feel he’s ready to play, his team is prepared to move forward either way. 

Every surgery is different. Derrick Rose could have had a more complicated recovery than Peterson, or maybe Rose didn’t work as hard as Peterson, who knows…but what Peterson accomplished creates these questions.

Is that a testament to what he accomplished or is it some abnormal, freak thing?

Bulls fans must be questioning if there is more to Derrick Rose’s injury if he is talking about missing the entire season.

Rose stated he won’t come back till he’s 110%,

“It can be within a couple of weeks. It could be next year. It could be any day. It could be any time,” Rose said. “It’s just that I’m not coming back until I’m ready. With all the hard work I’ve been putting into my craft, I think I’m going to be OK.”

 How close is Rose? “Probably in the high 80s. Far away. Far away.”

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