Of the 10 most watched shows in American history the Super Bowl accounts for nine. Even if you didn’t spend the entire NFL season glued to the couch, all is forgiven come ultimate Super Sunday. According to FoxSports.com only five percent of viewers will watch the game alone – while one out of every 12 people watching are just watching to see the commercials. Well, here’s what you’ve been waiting for- 2013 Super Bowl Commercials ranked from 1-10.

1. Mazda: Incredible World – Wait…this can’t be right. This is a Super Bowl commercial?


2. Subaru: Dog Tested – My nine year-old daughter will love it, I however, not a fan. 


3. Kia: Space Babies – It’s an elaborate story just not very funny. 


4. Mercedes-Benz “Soul” – Star studded cast with a glimpse of Kate Upton. Really would have like to have seen more Upton less clothes…


5. Volkswagen: Get In, Get Happy – Not sure what the big “racial” problem is. Ja-makin-me-crazy with this crap. Love the accent but didn’t care for the end. 


6. Doritos – Goat 4 Sale – You have to laugh when the goat screams when all the Doritos are gone!


7. Samsung: Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd team up for the “Big Game” – Expected a bit more out of these two, but still can’t say anything related to the NFL is a jab straight to the commish.  


8. Audi: Prom – Confidence can do many things, including a black eye. 


9. Hyundai: Pick Your Team – Cute and funny these kids are just too much. Can’t miss the kid wrestling the bear!


10. Budweiser: The Clydesdales “Brotherhood” – Touching and heart-warming should appeal to many and become an instant classic. 


Which are your favorites from Super Bowl XLVII?