The constant criticism of Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins has been a constant since the moment Robert Griffin III went down in the playoffs. As the Redskins continue to lose Shanahan’s job security continues to be an issue. Despite taking a step backwards this season should Mike Shanahan and the entire coaching staff get the axe?

Shanahan also has yet to have a contract extension on his current deal set to expire in 2013, but it all means the same thing. Should the Shanahan era be continued in Washington, or can Dan Snyder find someone better to replace him?

Seems like a simple answer to make as this season has been an absolute disaster, but it’s not all Shanahan’s fault. And the future is bright for the Redskins by a lot of moves Shanahan had his fingers on.

robert griffin iii Redskins have a bright future, is Shanahan in it?

After all, it was Shanahan who agreed to trade up to get Robert Griffin III. And it was Shanahan that built and coached up a relatively decent football team before RG3 even became a possibility with General Manager Bruce Allen, by drafting blue chip players like Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan.

The team obviously lacks depth, but that’s the price you pay when you send away multiple first-rounders for a franchise player. And the weakest link of this Redskins’ defense, is the secondary that was addressed in the 2013 draft by drafting defensive backs like David Amerson, Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo, but it takes time for those young guys to develop, especially secondary players.

However, I’m willing to admit that Mike Shanahan has some glaring issues. Firstly, in how he’s handled the health of the Robert Griffin III.

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RG3 should have never been allowed to play in the Wild Card Playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, because he was obviously not healthy. A torn ACL could have been avoided, and this ACL had a significant effect on the 2013 season.

Griffin wasn’t ready to start the season, but they started him anyway, instead of allowing him to come back at 100%. It’s as plain as day, and Shanahan is the ultimate decision maker in this process.

The most prized and important player on the Washington Redskins is RG3. And to mismanage his health in such a way, including putting him in a position to fail to start the season is on him.

In a quarterback driven league, you have to protect your quarterback from himself. I know RG3 is a tough guy.

He plays hurt and wants to compete, but that decision to be macho over smart cost the Redskins multiple losses this year. There may be more than Shanahan on why they decided to start Griffin, but as a Head Coach, his gut decision was wrong in hindsight.

Yet is that enough to say Shanahan should be fired? Some issues this season are out of his control and others are on him.

You want to put the Redskins in position to build for the future and keep RG3 as healthy as possible. Can you trust Shanahan to do that?

Can you envision the Shanahan regime winning the Super Bowl with RG3? It remains to be seen, but I want to hear from you? Should the Redskins fire Shanahan before the 2013 season ends, or not extend him after the season?

Or should Shanahan be the future of the Washington Redskins?

James Cobern is a Division Leader and can be contacted at or on twitter @Jmcobern1